When the Family Comes Out

Greetings all,

It has been awhile since I have posted, my apologies. However, I wanted to take a few moments to introduce a concept on which I will be presenting at the Gender Odyssey Family Conference this coming August. I will be presenting on the topic of differeing parenting styles in a family in which a youth or adult child has come out as gender queer or transgender. One aspect of this conversation I hope to discuss ways in which a family “comes out” together. Doing some quick reserach on the web, I don’t really see much on this idea. However, I think it is an important way to frame the process of family members adjusting to their loved one(s) coming out. Stay tuned!

ALSO – Due to summer schedules being a bit wonky, both Parent Support Group and Trans/GenderQueer Parent Group have been postponed until mid-August. See you all at Gender Odyssey!

T*GQ Parent Group!

Hey folks, This Saturday from 5:30pm – 7pm is the trans*genderqueer parent group in downtown Oly. Come one! Come all! It’s time to gather again.



T*GQ Parent Group!

Hey folks, This Saturday from 5:30pm – 7pm is the trans*genderqueer parent group in downtown Oly. Come one! Come all! It’s time to gather again.



parent support group… AGAIN!

Hey folks, I know this is redundant, somewhat.. but that’s the point. Making it a habit to come to Parent Support Group! This Saturday from 10 – noonish. If you live in Olympia, WA (or nearby) and have never been – give us a call and come and check it out. Childcare will be provided this week. (360)464-7636

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Parent Support Group this Saturday 10-noon

Greetings all! It’s that time again. Parents of Trans/gendervariant children or youth come gather together for support and coffee. Contact Keylee for more information.


Also, TGQ Parent Group will be gathering again on the following Saturday evening from 5:30pm – 7 downtown Olympia.

That’s all! Take good care.

Trans*genderqueer Parent Group

Greetings all! This Saturday night, April 14th, from 6-7:30 pm marks the first Trans*genderqueer Parent Support Group. The group will be a peer facilitated open support group for parents who identify as trans*genderqueer and partners. The group will take place in downtown Olympia, WA at my office. Parking usually is not a problem on State St on Saturday evening. Please feel free to contact me, keylee.marineau@gmail.com or message me on the FB for more details. Hurray!

news and new plans

Well, the year is zipping by. Have you gotten your application for Camp Aranut’iq in? For Camp Ten Trees? Have you Registered for Gender Odyssey Conference? Well, if not… the time is nigh. Get a move on, before they have.

Meanwhile. Parent Support Group will be meeting Saturday, April 7th at 10am until about noonish.

Trans* Family Support Group – a once a month gathering for trans*gender variant youth, parents, partners, and those that love them will be starting in April! We will gather together at the new office space in Downtown Olympia for an informal get together. Depending on how many folks come, we may need to switch venues. The purpose of this gathering is for connection, networking, support, and fun. Please come and join us. More information will be following this post soon.

Trans*gendervariant Parent Group has taken a little while to get together. The idea is, We provide the space, and the group runs itself. A peer facilitated support group for trans and genderqueer parents and their partners. This group, to begin with, will not have childcare due to space limitations. (only one room) The general consensus is that Weeknights are difficult for many families. So, Trans & Gender Queer Parent Group (TGQPG) will be offered on Saturday evenings at the new office space in downtown Olympia, WA. April 14th at 6pm. The Space will be available for use and a small donation will be appreciated. Contact Keylee for more information.

Another Sunday night…

.. and deadline for early registration for Gender Odyssey Family Conference is rapidly approaching.

Also – I have been thinking lately… I am wondering what it would be like to offer a “friends and Family transfamilies support group”? I would love to provide ap lace where family members and loved ones can join their kiddos in support. Perhaps a meal? Potluck, Olympia-style? Love to hear your thoughts.


Greetings all. Despite our re-construction of this little blog, we are meeting this Saturday from 10:30am to noon. Come and meet other family members who are committed to loving and supporting their amazing kiddos! For location and info, call Keylee – (360)464-7636.


So, as you can see… I need help in the Web department. Anyone wanna help a blog-illiterate organization get slick on the web?


Post -conference into QUEER ROCK CAMP!

Well, the conference is over, and we are all back in the ‘real’ world. Tenuous euphoria accompanied me on the drove home, spinning with ideas about support groups, services, workshops, trainings, and hope, hope, hope, and deep love. It was hard not to be deeply touched by the youth who were attending this weekend. It is a great honor and privilege to observe their unabashed gladness, sense of self, and compassion as well as their unmasked pain and confusion.

And then, why this subtle yet deep sense of sadness while leaving the conference? Whether it was a sadness about my own story or sadness about the way society – even well intentioned society – is a bit in the dark about all this…stuff is hard to say at this point.

Meanwhile, TYTF is stirred up, and eager to start really putting support groups and other services for families in motion. Great connections were made, and great ideas were generated. Please feel free to suggest your own to me (tytfoly@gmail.com) and I will be very glad to accomodate.


QUEER ROCK CAMP has started!


Check out their FaceBook page for more info. And for goodness sake, go see their SHOWCASE!

More to come,




Gender Odyssey Family Conference 2011

So, it is Sunday and I am awake early, of course, reclining in the bottom bunk of an IKEA bunkbed at the American Hotel in the International District, Seattle. Day 3 of the Gender Odyssey Family Conference. I know it has been a good while since I have posted, but largely that has been due to the fact that my family has been entrenched in moving for a month with little to no internet access at home. My apologies.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to spend a few minutes reflecting on this amazing experience. The conference started out a little bumpy, my first speaker did not show, but the 8 or so other participants turned our chairs in a circle and began to share a little of what work we do, and struggles we have had both as individuals and/or as parents. Many of the attendees on the family side of the conference are there because they are parents of a gender non-conforming child. Some are there as providers. Some are there because they identify as gender non-conforming. There is a Gender Odyssey day camp for kids to attend with their parents, so there is a joyful continuous crashing/yelling/laughing sound that trickles into each of the sessions. There is also a teen track where gender non-conforming youth can come together and share their stories, discover a community, and go shopping. On the other side of the conference is the adult track, where gender variant, gender queer, transgender folks and their partners can get together for some amazing sessions as well.

It is awesome.

Granted, as a cis-female, I am remarking on this conference from the perspective and lens of an ally, and let me tell you, we allies have a lot of work to do – both within ourselves and within our communities. However, I am also here as a parent, and that particular experience has by far been the most touching, most eye-opening, and most comforting.

As I lay here in this room, readying myself for another full conference day, I am finding it hard to summarize my experience so far. Yet, I must mention how astounded I am by the teens! They are awesome, inspiring, brilliant, articulate, tender, funny, bright, and honest. Oh, and fucking brave. The most touching moment of this conference so far was witnessing the teen panel in the final session of the Saturday portion of the conference. The humor, honesty, encouragement, tenderness, sadness, hopefulness, and courage that was displayed had the whole room weeping. I am so honored to have witnessed these teens and oh so honored to have had the chance to talk with a few of them as well. A HUGE shout-out! to these folks. Thanks for being so…well…you.


Support Group Wednesday!

Our Second Parent/Family Support Group happens this Wednesday, June 15th from 6:30-8pm. Please email or call for directions. Childcare available given 24 hours notice. Spread the word, and see you there!


It’s PRIDE weekend here in the fair city of Olympia, WA. Come on  down to Heritage park from 10am-5pm in downtown Olympia and take it all in! I will be tabling at the P.i.P.E. booth all day showing off the art created during this spring’s Queer Art Heals Yout Heart group.

Later tonight, come support the youth from STONEWALL at their GAYLACTICA drag show!

Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8. Ticket prices are $7 for youth ages 21 and under and sliding scale $10-25 for adults and can be purchased at the door and before the show at Brown Paper Tickets.

Also, this coming Wednesday, June 15th, we will have our second Parent Support group from 6:30pm to 8pm in downtown Olympia. Childcare can be available, just let me know  if you need it!

See you at PRIDE!

New Site. New Group. Here We Go.

This is just the beginning…!

Welcome. Make yourself at home.

I LOVE George Takei

George Takei takes on the Tennessee Legislature and its “Don’t Say Gay” bill, in the way only George Takei can!